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In this concluding article, find out how to add search features to your AWS-backed online store, and link your product pages up to Amazon.com's shopping carts and wish lists.

  1. Using Amazon Web Services With PHP And SOAP (part 2)
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By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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November 13, 2002

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In addition to the methods described above, AWS includes a few more - here's a list of the ones I've missed:

SellerSearchRequest() - retrieve a list of products sold by third-party sellers

ListManiaSearchRequest() - retrieve a list

WishlistSearchRequest() - retrieve a wishlist

SellerProfileSearchRequest() - retrieve a third-party seller profile

Integrating these into your online store is not very difficult - the procedure is technically similar to what is described above, with appropriate changes to the function calls and responses. For more information, take a look at the following links:

The AWS home page, at http://www.amazon.com/webservices/

The AWS discussion boards, at http://forums.prospero.com/am-assocdevxml

The AWS "lite" DTD, at http://xml.amazon.com/schemas2/dev-lite.dtd

The AWS "heavy" DTD, at http://xml.amazon.com/schemas2/dev-heavy.dtd

The SOAP WSDL, at http://soap.amazon.com/schemas2/AmazonWebServices.wsdl

And that's about it for the moment. In this concluding article, I introduced you to the AWS methods that allow you to add search functionality to your Amazon-backed online store, demonstrating how they could be used to locate items by keyword, author, artist, actor or manufacturer. I also showed you how to refine searches using similarity tests, and illustrated how you can provide shoppers with the ability to buy items using Amazon.com Payments, or add them to a wishlist on the main Amazon.com site.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that you found it helpful in your online e-commerce experience. Let me know what you thought, or if you'd like to read more about AWS...and until I see you next, have fun!

Note: All examples in this article have been tested on Linux/i586 with Apache 1.3.24, PHP 4.2.3, NuSOAP 6 (rev 1.11) and AWS 2.0. Examples are illustrative only, and are not meant for a production environment. Melonfire provides no warranties or support for the source code described in this article. All product data in this article belongs to Amazon.com. YMMV!

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