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PHP has the drawback of not supporting events. Fortunately, a basic structure can be built to support events in PHP 5. This article tackles that problem with some proof of concept code.

  1. Simulating Events with PHP 5
  2. The EventHandler and EventHandlerCollection Classes
  3. The Event-Enabled Class
  4. Using the Event-Enabled Class
By: David Fells
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February 20, 2006

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Using MyEventClass is fairly straightforward. You create an EventHandlerCollection and any event handling methods you want, and you instantiate the class.

$handlers = new EventHandlerCollection();
$handlers->Add(new EventHandler(new Event('OnLoad'),
$handlers->Add(new EventHandler(new Event('OnUnload'),

$obj = new MyEventClass($handlers);
$obj = null;

function handleLoad($sender, $args)
     print 'object '.get_class($sender).' loaded with '.count
($args).' args!<br />';

function handleUnload($sender, $args)
     print 'object '.get_class($sender).' unloaded with '.count
($args).' args!';

If you create a PHP page with all the code in it from this article and run it, you will see the following on your screen:

object MyEventClass loaded with 1 args!
object MyEventClass unloaded with 1 args!

Obviously this is a rather minimalistic (and pointless) implementation, but it does demonstrate the usage of the event handlers and the event-enabled class. Pretty cool, yes?


Hopefully this article has piqued your interest and you will experiment, improve my code, and create a fantastic open source event framework for PHP, which I am far, far too lazy to do myself. There are some obvious points where refactoring is called for, such as creating an interface or an abstract base class that event-enabled classes adhere to, or providing a more effective design of the event and handler classes. I intend to use the code Iíve created here in my next PHP project, and I hope you will, too. Be sure to let me know how it works out and post any nifty improvements in the dicussion thread of the article.

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