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Originally designed for ColdFusion, Fusebox is a methodology for designing web-applications with extensibility and ease of maintenance that is now available for PHP.

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By: Mike Britton
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May 29, 2002

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Now that both dsp_ pages are there for either circuit, the fusebox should work, right?  It will - as soon as you add the XFA you just referenced in dsp_hello_world.php to the fbx_Switch.php in /bio.  Without reference to this XFA in your fbx_Switch.php file, your PHP Fusebox application won't know what you're talking about!

Open the fbx_Switch.php in /bio and add the line in bold.

switch($Fusebox["fuseaction"]) {

      case "main":

      case "Fusebox.defaultFuseaction":



      case "hello_world":

            // Add this line:

$XFA["home"] = "home.main";




            print "I received a fuseaction called <b>'" . $Fusebox["fuseaction"] . "'</b> that circuit <b>'" . $Fusebox["circuit"] . "'</b> does not have a handler for.";



As soon as you do this, add an XFA link to the biography circuit in the application root's dsp_main.php, and you'll be finished with your first PHP Fusebox application!

<h3>Home: Main Page</h3>

This is the home page.  Click the link below to find out more about me.



echo "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?fuseaction=".$XFA["biography"]."\">Biography</a>";


Now fire up a browser and surf to your application root.  The default fuseaction should be triggered automatically since you didn't type a fuseaction.

Mouse over the link to go to Biography.  Notice how the URL is now a real fuseaction and not an XFA?  That's because we defined the XFA in the application root's fbx_Switch.php file.  The Fusebox knows this XFA is a call to the application root's $Fusebox["circuits"]["biography"] circuit, which you can see when you open fbx_Circuits.php in the root:

$Fusebox["circuits"]["home"] = "home";

$Fusebox["circuits"]["biography"] = "home/bio";

Now click on the Biography link.  The Biography pages comes up.  Now click the Home link.  You're back home.  Continue doing this for a few hours while listening to high-energy dance music!

If you think this might work for you, don't stop here.  There are great Fusebox-related sites all over the web.  And Fusebox isn't just for PHP - it was originally written for ColdFusion and is available for Java, as well.

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