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Have you ever thought of doing statistical analysis using PHP? Well, as simple as this technology can be, it enables an analyst to do server-side scripting commands which accept data from a web form, and then analyze the data in the server using PHP.

  1. Performing Descriptive Statistical Analysis with PHP
  2. Computing descriptive statistics using PHP
  3. Detailed explanation of the scripts
  4. Performing calculations with PHP
By: Codex-M
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October 06, 2009

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"Descriptive statistics," as the name suggests, gives a numerical description of your sample. These descriptions can be the location of the mean (average) and the variability of the sample (measured in standard deviation or % CV).

In PHP, we can execute these calculations using functions. A function is a programming block which is aimed at attaining an objective (such as calculating an average, standard deviation or % coefficient of variation). In general, below is an example web application form written in PHP that can accept numerical data for descriptive statistics analysis:



<title>Compute Descriptive Statistics of Numerical Data Using PHP by www.php-developer.org</title>




//Check if the form is submitted

if (!$_POST['submit'])


//form not submitted, display form


<form action="<?php echo $SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>"


Compute descriptive statistics such as mean, standard deviation and % CV for the following form.<br />

Copy and paste numerical data for analysis below (one data per line):<br />

<textarea name="figures" rows="50" cols="20"></textarea>

<br />

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Give me descriptive statistics of this sample numerical data">


<a href="/descriptivestats.php">Click here to reset or clear this form</a>





//form submitted, grab the data from POST

$figures =trim($_POST['figures']);

//test if it contains some data.

if (!isset($figures) || trim($figures) == "")


//feedback to user that it contains no data

die ('ERROR: Enter figures. <a href="/descriptivestats.php">Click here to proceed with the analysis</a>');




//explode data and assign it to an array

$data = explode("n", $figures);

//function to compute statistical mean

function average($data) {

return array_sum($data)/count($data);


//function to compute standard deviation

function stdev($data){

$average = average($data);

foreach ($data as $value) {

$variance[] = pow($value-$average,2);


$standarddeviation = sqrt((array_sum($variance))/((count($data))-1));

return $standarddeviation;


//compute % coefficient of variation

$CV = ((stdev($data))/(average($data))) * 100;

//function to compute median of the datasets

function median($data) {


$arrangements = count($data);

if (($arrangements % 2) == 0) {

$i = $arrangements / 2;

return (($data[$i - 1] + $data[$i]) / 2);

} else {

$i = ($arrangements - 1) / 2;

return $data[$i];



//function to compute the range

function statisticalrange($data) {

return (max($data) - min($data));


//display results to browser

echo '<h2>Descriptive Statistics of the Analyzed Sample Data:</h2>';

echo '<br />';

echo 'The mean of the sample is:&nbsp;<b> '.round(average($data),4).'</b>';

echo '<br />';

echo 'The standard deviation of the sample is:&nbsp;<b> '.round(stdev($data),4).'</b>';

echo '<br />';

echo 'The %coefficient of variation is (data in percent):&nbsp;<b> '.round($CV,4).'</b>';

echo '<br />';

echo 'The median of the sample is: &nbsp;<b>'.median($data).'</b>';

echo '<br />';

echo 'The maximum sample is:&nbsp;<b>'.round(max($data),4).'</b>';

echo '<br />';

echo 'The minimum sample is:&nbsp;<b>'.round(min($data),4).'</b>';

echo '<br />';

echo 'The statistical range of the sample is:&nbsp;<b> '.round(statisticalrange($data),4).'</b>';

echo '<br></br>';

echo 'Below is the submitted/analyzed data for your reference';

echo '<br></br>';

$display = implode("n <br />", $data);

echo $display;

echo '<br></br>';

echo '<a href="/descriptivestats.php">Click here to do another analysis</a>';






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