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You've already seen how PHP can be used to interface with Java components and JavaBeans. But here's something you didn't know - PHP can (shock shock! horror horror!) even be used to interface with Microsoft COM objects on the Windows platform. Will this be a happy marriage? Read on to find out.

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By: Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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April 23, 2002

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Since COM is a Microsoft invention, it won't surprise you to hear that PHP's COM extension is only available for the Windows version of PHP. If you're using *NIX - well, you're outta luck. Shut down your browser and read a book instead.

If you're still interested, though, pop open your favourite editor and create a PHP script containing the following lines of code (this example assumes that you have a properly-installed copy of Microsoft Excel on your system):

<?php // create an object instance $excel = new COM("Excel.Application") or die("Excel could not be started"); // pop open the Excel application $excel->Visible = 1; // turn off alerts $excel->DisplayAlerts = 0; // add a workbook $excel->Workbooks->Add(); // save $excel->Workbooks[1]->SaveAs("C:\\Inventory.xls"); // close the application $excel->Quit(); $excel = null; ?>
Now, when you run this script through your Web browser, the following things should happen very fast:

1. Microsoft Excel will start up automatically.

2. A new workbook will be added.

3. The workbook will be automatically saved as "C:\Inventory.xls"

4. Microsoft Excel will automatically shut itself down.

Wondering how this happened? Keep reading!

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