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We discussed statements briefly in our last article and even got a sneak peek of an IF-statement. Sure I mean, the image was blurry, and the moment it saw us it ran off into the forest. But we saw it. Honest. So in this article, we're going to take a much closer look at PHP statements and even start learning about loops.

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By: James Payne
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November 05, 2007

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People are always asking what if. What if I weren't the world's fattest man? What if I poured vodka into that Kool-Aid guy's body -- would he get drunk? I mean technically the dude is already wired. Why else would he just crash through people's wall and yell his name?

As I said before, we already previewed the IF statement in our previous article. However, I will show it to you one more time here, just as a refresher. The basic idea of an If statement is: If this, do that.




$your_name = "Angelina Jolie";

if ( $your_name == "Angelina Jolie") {

echo 'Will you marry me?';





In the above code, we store the name "Angelina Jolie" in a variable. We then say that if the value in $your_name is in fact "Angelina Jolie" print the line:

  Will you Marry me?

If the value of $your_name had been any other value, nothing would have happened.

But what good is that program if we don't get an answer? For that, let's use the If...Else statement.

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