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PHP Statements and Beginning Loops

We discussed statements briefly in our last article and even got a sneak peek of an IF-statement. Sure I mean, the image was blurry, and the moment it saw us it ran off into the forest. But we saw it. Honest. So in this article, we're going to take a much closer look at PHP statements and even start learning about loops.

  1. PHP Statements and Beginning Loops
  2. If
  3. Else
  4. Elseif
  5. Here We Go Loop de Loop
  6. For Loop
By: James Payne
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November 05, 2007

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Conditional Statements

Sometimes in a program you want to have a piece of code execute when a condition is met. To do this, you use conditional statements. There are three types of these in PHP. These are the If statement, the Else statement, and the Elseif statement.

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