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What can you do without operators? Not much, if you're trying to do without them in a programming language, and PHP is no exception. On Monday, we barely had time to show you a long list of the operators in PHP. Today, we're going to show you what they do.

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  3. Arithmetic Operators
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  6. Logical Operators
By: James Payne
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October 31, 2007

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You have been using most of the arithmetic operators since childhood. That and your fingers and toes. But don't worry; PHP is smarter than you. It's prettier than you. And according to some of the other programming languages, it really gets around. ASP is really jealous, but don't tell it I said so.

Let's look at some examples.




$add = 1 + 0;

$subtract = 2 - 1;

$multiply = 1 * 1;

$division = 2 / 2;

$modulus = 5 % 2;

echo $add;

echo $subtract;

echo $multiply;

echo $division;

echo $modulus;




The above code would print out all the values of our variables:






A Brief Note About My Dear Friend...The Modulus

The majority of the tutorials I've read on PHP never really explained Modulus in simple terms and so I never knew what it did. Maybe I'm just an idiot. But if there are other idiots out there, then you are in luck, because I am going to put this in very simple terms. Modulus gives you the remainder in division. Period. If I divide 2 / 2, there is no remainder. If I divide 3 /7 there is a remainder of 1. Modulus would return that 1.

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