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PHP encryption is a method of obfuscating scripts in such a way that it offers additional protection and prevents unauthorized editing of the scripts. This article discusses both encryption and decryption.

  1. PHP Encryption and Decryption Methods
  2. Base 64 Encoding and Compression/Decompression Techniques
  3. PHP Eval Function in Encoding Methods
  4. Case Example: Encoding a Working PHP Script
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November 03, 2009

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Since the encrypted output is a string (after applying compression and base 64 encoding techniques), we need to tell PHP that the encoded string is indeed a script. To do this, we need to use the eval() function in PHP. The purpose of this function is to evaluate a string as a PHP code; you can research the details of the eval() function on your own.

The standard encoded PHP script (encrypted) takes a form similar to this example:

<?php eval(gzinflate(base64_decode('FZfHDoTYEUV/ZXYzIxbkJFseAU1qcg4bi9TknPl64z0SUK/evef8859///
NHcSTdX+VTD78u2Yq/0mQtCOyA7YSRf3y'))); ?>

To encode the PHP script into the above form, we will utilize the steps below:

Step 1: Capture the PHP script to be encoded and convert it to a string, except for the PHP tags (<?php and ?>)

Step 2: Compress the string using the gzdeflate function (using the maximum compression level) and assign the compressed string to a PHP variable.

Step 3: Encode the compressed string using base 64 encoding and assign the encoded string to a PHP variable.

Step 4: To let PHP interpret/parse correctly the encoded scripts, append the decoding, decompression and use eval functions, as shown below:


eval(gzinflate(base64_decode(‘This is the encoded and compressed PHP script strings except the start <?php and end tags ?>’)));


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