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This concluding article in the series illustrates PHP's filefunctions, with examples of how to read and write files on the system. Italso includes an explanation of user-defined functions, return values andfunction arguments, together with some not-so-real-life examples.

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By: Vikram Vaswani and Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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September 06, 2000

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In the examples you've just seen, we've made one basic assumption - the file that PHP is trying to read already exists. However, in the big bad world, this assumption can sometimes cost you hours of debug time if the file isn't actually present on the system.

To avoid situations like this, PHP offers the file_exists() function, which can be used to test for the presence of the file and generate an appropriate error message if it isn't found. Let's modify the example above to include this capability:

<?php // set filename $filename = "random.txt"; // check for file if (file_exists($filename)) { // read file into array $contents = file($filename); // get array length $length = sizeof($contents); echo "<b>File $filename contains $length line(s)</b><p>"; // display each line with "for" loop for($counter=0; $counter<$length; $counter++) { echo "$contents[$counter]<br>"; } } else { echo "<b>File not found!</b>"; } ?>
Now try it out - rename or delete your file, and watch as PHP gracefully exits with your customized error message.

PHP also comes with a bunch of functions that can provide you with detailed information about the type of file - here's a list:

is_dir() - checks whether the specified file is a directory is_executable() - checks whether the specified file is executable is_link() - checks whether the specified file is a link is_readable() - checks whether the specified file is readable is_writeable() - checks whether the specified file is writable filegroup() - returns the group fileowner() - returns the owner of the file fileperms() - returns the current permissions on the file filesize() - returns the size of the file filetype() - returns the type of the file
And here's an example:

<?php // set filename $filename = "random.txt"; // check for file if (file_exists($filename)) { echo "<b>$filename</b><br>"; // check if it is a directory if (is_dir($filename)) { echo "File is a directory
"; } // check if it is executable if (is_executable($filename)) { echo "File is executable
"; } // check if it is readable if (is_readable($filename)) { echo "File is readable
"; } // check if it is writeable if (is_writeable($filename)) { echo "File is writeable
"; } echo "File size is " . filesize($filename) . " bytes<br>"; echo "File group is " . filegroup($filename) . "<br>"; echo "File owner is " . fileowner($filename) . "<br>"; echo "File permissions are " . fileperms($filename) . "<br>"; echo "File type is " . filetype($filename) . "<br>"; } else { echo "<b>File not found!</br>"; } ?>

Here's the output:

File is readable File is writeable File size is 286 bytes File group is 100 File owner is 538 File permissions are 33188 File type is file

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