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This article will show you the fastest way to order your database results, via JavaScript (with some work in PHP). It adds some more work to your script, but once you see the results you won't use the approach of adding the ORDER By clause anymore.

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By: Alvaro Calleja
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December 06, 2004

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First, we'll create a products table in our MySQL test database and insert some records on it:

CREATE TABLE products (

  ID smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,

  NAME varchar(125) NOT NULL default '',

  PRICE float(8,2) NOT NULL default '0.00',

  CODE varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',

  WEIGHT smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',



INSERT INTO products VALUES (1, 'Absolute Delight', '2.20', '59', 50);

  INSERT INTO products VALUES (2, 'Aqua Mirabilis', '2.35', '114', 15);

  INSERT INTO products VALUES (3, 'Back For Breakfast', '8.30', '1409', 500);

  INSERT INTO products VALUES (4, 'Breeze on a Sea Air', '5.95', '223', 75);

  INSERT INTO products VALUES (5, 'Figs and Leaves', '3.90', '22819', 100);

  INSERT INTO products VALUES (6, 'I love Juicy', '5.95', '2006', 250);

  INSERT INTO products VALUES (7, 'Ocean Salt', '9.75', '2128', 150);

  INSERT INTO products VALUES (8, 'Serenity', '49.95', '2083', 350);

  INSERT INTO products VALUES (9, 'Tisty Tosty', '2.35', '5', 60);

  INSERT INTO products VALUES (10, 'Waving Not Drowning', '1.95', '15', 40);

If nothing went wrong we should have our products table with 10 records. We are now ready to jump into the actual code!

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