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Do you want to learn how to handle PHP WHILE loops? WHILE loops are one of the most powerful features as well as the easiest loop available to any PHP/MySQL developer. They enable us to shorten repetitive tasks for a highly useful application. This tutorial gives examples of WHILE loops in PHP/MySQL that beginner and novice developers can use as a quick reference for building similar loops in their applications.

  1. Mastering WHILE Loops for PHP and MySQL
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  4. Constructing Trigonometric Tables Using WHILE Loops
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By: Codex-M
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October 27, 2009

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Have you ever thought of constructing trigonometric tables? To construct a table for an angle starting from 0 degrees and continuing to 360 degrees using three basic trigonometric functions and their inverses (with $x as the variable):




You will need to iterate going from 0 degrees to 360 degrees using a WHILE loop. You will need to convert $x to radians, since by default trigonometric functions evaluate angles as radians. You can accomplish this using the function:


Below is the complete script required to generate the trigonometric table for the three functions (sine, cosine and tangent) and well as their inverses (cotangent, secant, and cosecant)


echo '<table width=100% border=1>';

echo '<tr><td><b>Angle in Degrees</b></td><td><b>Sine</b></td><td><b>Cosine</b></td>


while ($i<=360) {


echo '<tr>';

echo '<td>'.$x.'</td>';

echo '<td>'.sin(deg2rad($x)).'</td>';

echo '<td>'.cos(deg2rad($x)).'</td>';

echo '<td>'.tan(deg2rad($x)).'</td>';

echo '<td>'.(1/tan(deg2rad($x))).'</td>';

echo '<td>'.(1/cos(deg2rad($x))).'</td>';

echo '<td>'.(1/sin(deg2rad($x))).'</td>';

echo '</tr>';


echo '</table>';


The screen shot below is the trigonometric table when viewed in a browser: 

You can also extend the above application not only to trigonometry but to other important engineering tables like logarithmic tables, steam tables, etc.

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