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Inheritance and Polymorphism in PHP: Building a Form Generator - Part II

In part two of this three-part series, we refresh our memory of Inheritance and subclasses from part one, and take our first stab at implementing a form generator.

  1. Inheritance and Polymorphism in PHP: Building a Form Generator - Part II
  2. That refreshing touch: core definition for base class and subclasses
  3. There is a long list in your life: listing the full code for each subclass
  4. Coming up: more subclasses
  5. Implementing the Form Generator: take one
By: Alejandro Gervasio
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April 12, 2005

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Welcome to Part II of the series "Inheritance and Polymorphism in PHP: Building a Form Generator." I really hope that you found the concepts explained in the first part useful. As you may recall, in part I we introduced the OOP arena in PHP, using the capabilities of Inheritance for creating an extensible form generator.

Stepping back to refresh our memories, we defined a base form object class and derived each subclass that defines the bare bones for each form element. For the complete list of classes, please take a look at the first article, to quickly grasp how they were structured. It's fairly simple.

In this second article, we will get a bit more complex. We're going to complete the source code for each class definition, having an overall concept of the mechanism to make the form generator work properly.

So, it's time to show our work in progress and fully define the subclasses for each form element. Let's get started.

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