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Have you ever wanted to build an intelligent Web application? Paul Meagher shows how to do it using conditional probability. (This intermediate-level article was first published by IBM developerWorks, March 16, 2004, at http://www.ibm.com/developerWorks).

  1. Implement Bayesian inference using PHP, Part 1
  2. Conditional probability
  3. Learning from experience
  4. Conditional probability and SQL
  5. Frequency versus probability format
  6. Deriving Bayes Theorem
  7. Medical diagnosis wizard
  8. Implementing the calculation with Bayes.php
  9. Sensitivity analysis
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January 05, 2005

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P(A | B) can be mapped onto database-query operations. For example, the probability of cancer given a positive test result, P(+cancer | +test), can be obtained by issuing this SQL query then doing some tallies on the result set like this:

SELECT cancer_status FROM Data WHERE test_status='+test'

If I gather information about how several boolean-valued tests co-vary with a boolean-valued diagnosis (like that of cancer or not cancer), then I can perform slightly more complex queries to study how diagnostically useful other factors are in determining whether a patient has cancer, such as in the following:

SELECT cancer_status
WHERE genetic_status='+'
AND age_status='+'
AND biopsy_status='+'

In the case of detecting e-mail spam, I might be interested in computing P(+spam | title_word='viagra' AND title_word='free'), which could be viewed as a directive to issue the following SQL query:

SELECT spam_status FROM Emails WHERE email_title LIKE 'viagra'
     AND email_title LIKE 'free'

After enumerating the number of e-mails that are spam and have "viagra" and "free" in the title (like so):

count_emails(spam_status='+spam' AND email_title LIKE 'viagra'
     AND email_title LIKE 'free')

and dividing by the overall number of e-mails with the words "viagra" and "free" in the title:

count_emails(email_title LIKE 'viagra' AND email_title LIKE 'free')

I might arrive at the conclusion that the appearence of these words in the title strongly and specifically co-varies with the message being spam (after all, 18/18 = 100 percent) and this rule might be used to automatically filter such messages.

In Bayes spam filtering, you need to initially train the software in which e-mails are spam and which are not. One can imagine storing spam_status information with each e-mail record (for example, email_id, spam_status, email_title, or email_message) and doing the previous queries and counts on this data to decide whether to forward a new e-mail into your inbox.

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