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Wanna make some money from your Web site? The simplest way tostart is by opening it up to advertisers - and if you decide to go thatroute, you're going to need a capable banner management program to helpyou keep track of customers, banners and clicks. Lukily, we've got justthe thing - say hello to phpAds.

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By: Harish Kamath, (c) Melonfire
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July 30, 2002

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Finally, the crown jewels, at least as far as your advertisers are concerned - the numbers which demonstrate how many eyeballs have seen their banner, and how many clicks have resulted. In order to assist you in generating these reports, phpAds comes with a fairly capable statistics module, which can provide your advertisers with hard data on what their hard-earned dollars have really bought them.

You can access the phpAds statistics module from the main control panel, by selecting an advertiser and hitting the Go button.

phpAds will produce a summary report of the number of views and clicks per banner for that advertiser.

As you can see, phpAds will also do a rough calculation in order to produce what it calls a click-through ratio - essentially, the percentage of views that were converted into actual clicks. The higher this number, the better it is for the advertiser (and your bank account).

You can also have phpAds produce a weekly report for you, by asking it for detailed statistics. In this case, you'll get a very neat little graph showing you the activity over the past seven days; you can even drill down to see a more detailed view for each day.

Note that your PHP build must support the GD graphics library in order to build these graphs.

This kind of data is very useful to both you and your advertisers, in judging the popularity of your site, and the value obtained per advertising dollar.

It should be noted at this point that these reports are not only available to you, the site administrator - you can even have your clients view them directly, via phpAds' client interface, available at http://your-server/your-phpAds-directory/client/. Remember the username and password you entered for the client at the beginning? These can be used by the client to access click statistics directly.

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