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One of the things I hear from people and my friends is questions about the best way to work with PHP. They always want to know how to get started on a project, what software to use, how to plan it successfully, and so on. In this article I plan on revealing the ďmagical secretsĒ about how I do my PHP programming so quickly with so few bugs.

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By: James Murray
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September 20, 2004

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No matter what level of programmer you are, a newbie just starting, or a war-battered veteran of php3, the most useful thing you can have at your side is a downloaded copy of the PHP documentation. I keep it on my quicklauch bar, if that means anything about how useful it is. No joke, itís right there with my browser, and thatís all thatís on there. Iíll show you a screenshot if you donít believe me. Even though Iíve been programming PHP for about five or six years now, I donít know how Iíd get by without my trusty CHM PHP manual.

And last but not least. Bigger isnít always better. Stick close to what you planned on making. Donít go overboard with useless features that usually slow down parse time and development time for something that one percent of your users will use. Get your project done and working then implement those things later. After all, nothing really shows what is needed in a project than the use of it.

And always remember, when a person tells you thereís a bug in your script, happily inform them that ďmy code doesnít contain bugs, it just randomly generates new featuresĒ then quickly fix the problem before they go back to see if it actually is some kind of odd feature. Good luck, and please, never use Microsoft Word to generate HTML.

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