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In this article, we will look at seven great, lightweight PHP frameworks. Each framework has been tested for speed and useability. We will be looking at the following frameworks: Cakephp, CodeIgnitor, Symfony, yii, RainFramework, Doophp, and Kohana.

  1. 7 PHP Frameworks Tested For Speed
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  3. PHP Framework Benchmarking Test Results
By: Codex-M
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May 04, 2011

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Results of the First Test and Second Test

Below are the results for the first test:


Doophp 1.4.1 is the fastest of the 7 tested PHP frameworks, followed by Rainframework and then CodeIgniter.

Below are the results for the second test:

This time, on a Linux machine, Rainframework is the fastest PHP framework, followed by Doophp, then Codeigniter.

Results of the Third Test (Command Line in Linux)

The first and second test were done using a PHP script and using the PHP Exec function to execute ab. Now the Apache benchmark utility will be installed on Ubuntu OS independent on the XAMPP localhost and PHP. The tests are carried out using a command line method, for example for CakePHP the localhost URL: Cakephp-1.3.7: http://localhost/cakephp-1.3.7/index.php/hello

The command line test method will be:

ab -n 500 -c 50 http://localhost/cakephp-1.3.7/index.php/hello 

Below are the detailed steps:

Step1.) Install Apache2 utils in Ubuntu to be used in benchmarking (if you don't have it already):

codex-m@codex-m-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install apache2-utils

Step2.) Execute all the benchmark tests for all the PHP frameworks and reboot the server for each trial.

Step3.) Gather the results and average them.

Below are the results of the third test:

RainFramework is on top, followed by Doophp with 543 ms, and CodeIgniter with 888ms.

Final Advice: There is more to consider than speed when selecting a PHP framework; other factors such as security, ease of installation and database support have to be examined as well. Other frameworks may be slower but have greater and wider community support, in case you have some trouble with the framework there are lots of users that could help who have working experience with that framework. This is true with CakePHP, Symfony and Zend framework, all of which are very popular among PHP developers.

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