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If you need to handle the administration and management of Oracle Application Server 10g, this article covers the metadata repository (iasdb), the Single Sign-On (SSO) security framework, and the Oracle Application Server 10g Management Services. It is excerpted from chapter 2 of the book, Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook, written by John Garmany and Donald Burleson (McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2004; ISBN: 0072229586).

  1. The Oracle Application Server 10g Infrastructure
  2. The Infrastructure Repository
  3. Workflow iasdb Schemas
  4. Viewing the Whole iasdb Instance
  5. The Infrastructure Log Tables
  6. Writing Your Own Infrastructure Repository Log Scripts
  7. Infrastructure Log Reports
  8. Repository Administration and Management
  9. Single Sign-On (SSO)
  10. Using the SSO Audit Log Tables
  11. SSO Administration Using the mod_osso Utility
By: McGraw-Hill/Osborne
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May 05, 2005

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As the scope of Application Server 10g expanded, Oracle recognized that a centralized data repository was needed to handle all of the metadata required by Application Server 10g. This was achieved by creating an Oracle database on the Application Server 10g midtier called iasdb. The metadata repository is known by several names, including the Application Server 10g infrastructure repository, the infrastructure instance, and iasdb. The iasdb name is the default $ORACLE_SID for the Oracle 9i database that holds the data.

The metadata repository holds configurations for many of the Application Server 10g components, and is also extended for use by SSO. As of release 9.0.4, there are nearly 20 Application Server 10g components, and many of these use iasdb for centralized metadata storage. Also, starting in release 9.0.4, the infrastructure may be any supported release of Oracle 9i that is at the correct version and patch level.

Remember, not all Application Server 10g components make the same use of iasdb. For example, OID and SSO use iasdb to store security access data, while other components such as OHS and Web Cache only store configuration information in iasdb.

The iasdb database contains all of the metadata and internal information for all SSO components, Oracle Portal, Oracle Wireless, and some DCM components. The infrastructure repository holds data for all Application Server 10g components in a farm, and is critical to the proper operation of these components:

  • OID     Oracle Internet Directory (LDAP)

  • DCM    Distributed Configuration Manager

  • Portal  The web development component of Application Server 

  • OEM    The repository for many OEM components

  • SSO     Oracle Single Sign-On

  • Wireless   Oracle Wireless metadata

Let’s take a quick tour of the various schemas within the iasdb database and see how each schema is used by the Application Server 10g components. Then we will examine the iasdb log files and look at queries that can be automated for easy viewing.

The iasdb database instance has many individual schemas. Each of these schemas has a special function to help control and manage each of the various Application Server 10g components. Table 2-1 lists the Application Server 10g schemas within iasdb. These schema components are always installed in the infrastructure database, even if you are not using a component.

Once you understand the schema owner’s purpose, you can examine the complexity of each schema. As an Application Server 10g administrator, you must become intimate with these schemas and understand which schemas control what system functions. The iasdb instance has some schemas that must be locked, others whose passwords may be changed at will, and others that are registered with the OID and should only be changed using OEM.

Immutable iasdb Schemas

Some schemas are immutable, and the passwords and data structures must never be changed. This is especially true for this group of iasdb schemas:

Schema Name  Used By                 Default Password _________________________________________________________

CTXSYS       Intermedia Text option  change_on_install
MDSYS        Spatial Data option     mdsys     OLAPDBA      OLAP Services option    olapdba  OLAPSVR      OLAP Services option    instance OLAPSYS      OLAP Services option    manager
ORDPLUGINS   InterMedia Audio option ordplugins ORDSYS       InterMedia Audio option ordsys        OUTLN        Stored Outlines         outln

Schema Description
AURORA$JIS$UTILITY$ Oracle Servlet Engine schema
AURORA$ORB$UNAUTHENTICATED Oracle Servlet Engine schema
DCM Distributed Configuration Manager
DISCOVERER5 Oracle Application Server Discoverer 10g
DSGATEWAY Oracle 9i Syndication Server
IP TCP/IP replication (advanced queuing) and Internet
audit log tables
OCA Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority 10g
ODS Oracle Internet Directory metadata
ORAOCA_PUBLIC Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority 10g
ORASSO Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On 10g
ORDSYS Oracle InterMedia Audio schema
ORDPLUGINS Oracle InterMedia Audio schema
OSE$HTTP$ADMIN Oracle Servlet Engine
OWA_MGR Oracle Workflow
PORTAL Oracle Application Server Portal 10g
PORTAL_APP Oracle Application Server Portal 10g
PORTAL_DEMO Oracle Application Server Portal 10gdemonstration
PORTAL_PUBLIC Oracle Application Server Portal 10gPublic
UDDISYS Oracle Application Server Web Services 10g
WFADMIN Oracle Workflow
WIRELESS Oracle Application Server Wireless 10g
WKSYS Oracle Ultra Search
WK_PROXY Oracle Ultra Search

Oracle Ultra Search


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