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Oracle`s Communications Service Availability Machine

In response to the increased demand for application platforms that stress high availability and session integrity, Oracle announced the release of the Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine. The offering is described as a hardware and software solution specifically made to cater to network equipment providers (NEPs) that require the ability to deliver zero downtime applications to communications service providers (CSPs).

  1. Oracle`s Communications Service Availability Machine
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By: wubayou
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March 14, 2012

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By addressing the need for high availability and session integrity, Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine allows NEPs to concentrate their efforts on developing new applications without having to worry about custom building and integrating such capabilities into each application.  Thanks to the machine’s easy to use development environment and infrastructure, NEPs can enjoy increased efficiency when creating and delivering highly-available applications.  In addition, project risk and time-to-revenue are reduced.  Another feature that adds to the machine’s appeal is that it leverages Service Availability Forum standards and eases application portability to developers by supplying open application programming interfaces, or APIs.  Examples of applications where the new machine can help include those for Charging, Policy Control, and IPTV, just to name a few.

Touching once again on the topic of session integrity, Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine boasts 99.99999% or “seven nines” availability.  This carrier-grade characteristic comes from the fact that the machine can maintain session integrity for applications through various fault conditions.  By virtually eliminating service interruptions, clients can provide an improved customer experience and avoid customer turnover.

Nigel Ball, VP of NEP solutions for Oracle, described the benefits of Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine: “With increased adoption of real-time and near-real time applications -- especially on smartphones and tablets, service availability is a critical 'must-have' requirement and business need in the communications industry. Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine combines Oracle's hardware and software leadership, and proven service availability software to help NEPs bring service available applications to market quickly, with minimal project risk, while helping ensure zero interruption of the customer experience.”

Lee Doyle, IDC’s group VP and general manager of network infrastructure and security, also commented on the new release: “Today's communications applications increasingly require the highest possible degree of performance and availability with zero downtime.  Oracle Communications Service Availability Machine is squarely focused on this growing market, and the simplicity and performance of this integrated solution is likely to appeal to engineering managers and leaders with projects that require service availability and have urgent time-to-market demands.”

For more on this topic, visit http://www.marketwatch.com/story/oracle-enables-seven-nines-availability-and-session-integrity-for-network-equipment-provider-applications-with-new-oracle-communications-service-availability-machine-2012-03-06?reflink=MW_news_stmp

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