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So what's this business with Oracle allowing programmers to put programs in databases? That's right. They're called Oracle stored procedures, and they're quite useful. Mooh the Cow walks you through writing, creating, debugging, and deleting a procedure.

  1. Oracle Stored Procedures
  2. Before you start
  3. Write a procedure
  4. Create a procedure
  5. Run a procedure
  6. Change a procedure
  7. Debug a procedure
  8. Drop a procedure
  9. What you have learned
  10. Further reading
By: Mooh The Cow
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January 03, 2005

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If you no longer want a procedure in your database, you can remove it.

The SQL statement DROP PROCEDURE removes a procedure from a database.

Please use caution, because the effect is permanent!

DROP PROCEDURE is classified in SQL as a Data Definition Language (DDL) statement. Other examples of SQL statements in this category include CREATE, ALTER, RENAME and TRUNCATE.

Oracle issues an automatic COMMIT after a DDL statement is executed. Therefore, no rollback is possible after executing a DDL statement.

You need the CREATE PROCEDURE system privilege to create a procedure in your own schema.

At the SQL*Plus command prompt, issue the DROP PROCEDURE SQL statement to remove your procedure called skeleton:


SQL*Plus assures us the procedure has been removed:

Procedure dropped.

Now let's sum up it all up. 

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