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Oracle recently released the latest edition of its Communications Network Integrity offering, version 7.1. The release answers the demand by network operators for increased network data accuracy by giving them a viable solution to improve assurance process efficiency and service fulfillment while cutting operational costs.

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By: wubayou
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February 09, 2012

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Oracle Details Future of RightNow Integration

Oracle executives used a webcast event last Tuesday to outline details of the company’s plans to integrate RightNow technologies with their own. The news comes shortly after the official close of Oracle’s $1.5 billion acquisition of the provider of cloud-based customer service software solutions.

“It's about delivering superior customer service. Oracle has a very aggressive plan to invest in RightNow and build a stronger road map than ever before,” said Mark Hurd, co-president of Oracle.

With RightNow’s applications currently sitting under its umbrella, Oracle hopes to provide industry-leading innovation in the realm of customer relationship management software. By integrating RightNow’s cloud-based solutions that cover such areas as ongoing product usage, maintenance, and recommendation scenarios with Oracle’s pre-existing technologies for e-commerce, customer segmentation, and more, such hopes can become a reality.

Greg Gianforte, founder and CEO of RightNow, said: “In a very real sense the basic rules of business have changed. Globalization has increased customer choice and supply now exceeds demand for most products. This gives consumers power. Products are also becoming commodities faster than ever before, with new features quickly copied by fast followers.” Gianforte continued, noting that as the addition of new features and traditional marketing programs become less effective over time, the only way for a company to truly differentiate itself from competitors is through word of mouth gained from positive experiences.

While customer service is certainly important, Thomas Kurian, executive VP of product development for Oracle’s software catalog, said the buying process is not based around customer service in the beginning. “It starts from the time the customer feels the need for a product,” he noted.

Kurian added that Oracle has the proper technology at its disposal to reach the series of so-called “touch points” that are part of a product purchase’s entire lifecycle. He cited Oracle’s FatWire, Social Network and Siebel Marketing, Endeca, and ATG Commerce as some of the technologies that could integrate nicely with RightNow’s applications to provide such a comprehensive solution. Kurian offered no specific dates, but promised that Oracle plans to release the integrations on an aggressive schedule. He concluded by saying Oracle will develop the RightNow integrations to cater primarily to business-to-business customers.

Beyond Oracle’s vision for a reinvention of customer relationship management software, Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, said the company’s acquisition RightNow was completed to increase its general investment in cloud-based software. “Oracle's trying to show where the cloud makes sense in their product portfolio. However, clients will determine how they want to consume solutions in the cloud, not the other way around,” said Wang.

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