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Oracle Debugging Tips using Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle is one of the most important relational database implemented both in big and small corporations. This is a beginner tutorial that will walk you through common debugging techniques and tips in Oracle using SQL Developer.

  1. Oracle Debugging Tips using Oracle SQL Developer
  2. Install Oracle SQL Developer in Ubuntu
  3. Basic PL/SQL Debugging Tips using Oracle SQL Developer
By: Codex-M
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April 21, 2011

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This tutorial has been written using Oracle installed on an Ubuntu/Linux operating system (Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx). The version covered in this tutorial is Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release

Debugging Flow

To have a better understanding of the role debugging plays in the Oracle database implementation process, we must start with the design. For starters, database team members are provided with a project from their company to create a database. The first thing they will do is complete the database specifications. These includes what tables need to be created, as well as what fields and their corresponding data types.

Once the specification has been completed, it will then be forwarded to a group of programmers that will write down the database scripts or PL/SQL procedures needed to accomplish the project objectives and specifications.

Before handing it over to the database administrator for implementation, the scripts are tested and compiled for debugging with the test database server. The purpose of this is to identify any errors.  The Oracle debugging process is then started and once the script is clean and final it will be submitted to the database administrator.

The database administrator will then review the code for any additional suggestions or corrections and finally upload it to the company database server. Once uploaded, the database administrator will then run the script. And since it is now clean it will run without any errors.

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