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Now there is a standalone graphic user interface that you can use to develop your SQL with Oracle databases. The many things you do in Oracle 10G XE can also be carried out with the Oracle SQL Developer. It is expected to enhance productivity in your Oracle applications.

  1. How to Use the Oracle SQL Developer Tool
  2. Connecting to databases
  3. Verifying objects in the database
  4. Creating a SQL Query
By: Jayaram Krishnaswamy
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February 28, 2007

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Selecting from the EMPLOYEES table

Type in Select * from EMPLOYEES in the area with the title Enter SQL Statement. Since there is only one database you may not need choose a database. The active database should be in a drop-down just above the SQL statement window on its right. Then click on the bright green arrow button (pointing to the right). This executes the statement and you can see the results in the bottom window as shown.

You can make changes to the statement  and look at the results as shown.

After verifying the results you may look at SQL Output, or use Explain to provide the execute plan for the SQL statement.  The Autotrace tab produces the trace information for the statement. DBMS Output produces the DBMS_Output package information. OWA Oracle Web Agent [MOD_PLSQL]  is an Apache (Web Server) extension module that enables you to create dynamic web pages from PL/SQL packages and stored procedures.


Oracle SQL Developer is a convenient standalone user tool for working with Oracle and other databases. This tutorial has only described the bare essentials for using this tool. For connection to other databases the connection information has to be correct. While connecting to the Access 2003 Northwind database an exception was thrown (No Read Access to System tables) although they were verified to have access to the Admin. They appear to be MS Access ODBC driver related for the version used. 

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