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This tutorial shows you how to create a report based on a table in the Oracle 10g XE database without stepping out of the IDE. It will show you how to manipulate the report and create a UI.

  1. Developing Applications on Oracle 10g XE: Generating a Report
  2. Building an Application
  3. Creating a report from scratch
  4. Adding a Page
  5. Adding a User Interface
  6. Running a report, searching and sorting
By: Jayaram Krishnaswamy
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July 05, 2006

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Click on the Next> button. This takes you to the next screen. In this screen, the stage marker has moved to the "Tabs." The icon for the one-level tabs is the default,  which we will accept for this tutorial.

Click on the Next> button to open the next screen. In this screen,  we will look at sharing resources. Please take time to read the message in this screen, which explains what shared components are, and how application development time can be reduced while still maintaining a consistent look and feel across applications. Since this is the first application,  we accept the default choice, "No."

Adding authentication information

Click on the Next> button, which brings up the next window. In this window,  three choices are to be made regarding Authentication Scheme, Language and User Language derivative. We use the defaults in this case, except for Authentication, for which we choose No Authentication (the default being Database Account) from the drop-down.

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