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This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a web service client using the ApplicationBuilder interface in Oracle 10g XE. The client will access the services offered by a web service created using the Visual Studio 2005.

  1. Creating an Oracle Web Service Client for a Web Service Created in VS 2005
  2. Creating the Client Application in Oracle 10G XE
  3. Creating a Web Reference
  4. Creating a Client Form
  5. Displaying results from Web Service
By: Jayaram Krishnaswamy
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July 12, 2006

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When you click on the icon "Run Page" you will see the form as shown in the next picture. This is the template you chose to work with. The form creation added the "Submit" button and the other controls to this blank page, and wired them up for network access.

When you Click on the "Submit" button, the form gets submitted to the web service and the result from the service gets entered into the HelloWorldresult textbox as shown. Looks like there is more work to do to increase the size of the textbox! But that will be for another session.


It is relatively easy to create a web service client from the Oracle10g XE IDE. The UI is very attractive and extremely flexible. It supports the choice of creating reusable web pages of various forms so that several steps can be skipped depending on the model chosen, which should help with much more rapid development. One of the differences that may be noted while using this IDE is the lack of support for browsing the internal (local web server) WSDL resources. Visual Studio 2005 has a better interface in this regard. In Oracle 10g XE you have either the UDDI or the other two public APIs.

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