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Need any easy way to import data from your ODBC-compliant database into MySQL? Look no further than SQLyog's ODBC Import tool. Read all about it inside.

  1. Transferring Data to MySQL Using SQLyog
  2. What is SQLyog?
  3. Getting Started
  4. Importing only selected rows or importing the resultset of a query
  5. Conclusion
By: Insanely Great
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March 06, 2003

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Choosing the option Use a query to specify the data totransfer in Figure D loads up the following dialog (Figure I)

Figure I


The next dialog box (Figure J) allows you to run therocess immediately or save the data as SQL scripts for later execution.

Figure J


The final dialog box (Figure K) displays the resultof the Import Process.

Figure K


If any error occurred while importing data then SQLyog will display youthe errorneous query and the error message (Figure L). For your convenience, iteven logs them in sqlyog.err. After checking out the error, you can eithercontinue with the Import Process or you can stop there.

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