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Recruitment - the art of matching qualified applications to openpositions within an organization - is one of the most challenging tasks forany Human Resources department. However, powerful open-source tools likePHP and mySQL have made the process simpler, more efficient and moreeconomical than at any time in the past. This case study demonstrates how,by building a complete job listing and resume management system fromscratch.

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By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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June 28, 2001

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At this point, I have also come up with a few ideas as to how this system is likely to work.

Conceptually, I can consider this system to be split into two parts: a user section, and an administration section. Here is an initial draft of the basic flow and rules that I plan to build into this application.

1. In the user section, the entry point for a potential job applicant will be a job listing, which will display a list of open positions within the organization. This should, in turn, allow the applicant to select a specific job and obtain detailed information on responsibilities, qualifications, salary and other basic information.

2. The applicant will also have the option to fill up an application form online, and provide the organization with personal information, qualifications, experience and other information typically found in a resume. This data will be stored in a database, accessible and searchable by administrators.

3. In the administration section, administrators will have the option to add, edit and delete job listings.

4. The administration section will also contain a search form, to help administrators search stored applications for specific skills or qualifications.

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