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SuccessBricks Announces ClearDB Availability for Heroku

SuccessBricks, Inc., a global provider of enterprise and cloud-based software solutions, announced the availability of its ClearDB database-as-a-service as an add-on for Heroku, a widely-used cloud application platform. With the move, Heroku developers around the world can enjoy the luxury of having ClearDB’s noted power, affordability, reliability, and high availability of its MySQL database service at their fingertips.

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December 14, 2011

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Cashton Coleman, SuccessBricks’ President and CEO, as well as creator of ClearDB, said: “We are pleased to now offer ClearDB as a powerful add-on for Heroku customers.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Heroku team, and we're excited to bring our game-changing MySQL database service to Heroku customers."

The result of over four years of research and development by the SuccessBricks team, ClearDB allows its users to maintain a database connection in the event of sudden and widespread internet outages, which alone should attract many Heroku developers.  SuccessBricks claims ClearDB is the market’s only cloud database of its kind that can provide users with multi-regional read/write mirroring that guarantees an uptime of 100 percent, even in the event of network or disk failure.  The service’s reliability comes from the fact that a team of expert database and systems engineers are constantly working to ensure database availability and security are at their highest levels.  While such availability is clearly appealing, ClearDB’s aforementioned affordability is another major reason why the service has been chosen by companies of varying sizes across the globe. 

Coleman commented on ClearDB’s value in the official press release, saying: “ClearDB solves a simple but vital problem: provide customers with a way to continuously have access to their MySQL database at all times.  With ClearDB, we solve a critical issue that has brought down sites like Netflix, Reddit and Quora when service availability problems occur in Amazon Web Services. What's more, we've solved it in a way that is simple to implement, easy to use, and is affordable for any sized company.”

Heroku’s senior director of product management Morten Bagai added: “Heroku is committed to providing our users with a range of solutions that address common challenges.  ClearDB provides Heroku users with a globally distributed MySQL database management option that will keep users connected to their data even if whole regions of the Internet should fail. The ClearDB add-on gives Heroku customers an additional choice in globally distributed database services.”

For more on this topic, visit http://www.marketwatch.com/story/cleardb-now-available-to-heroku-developers-2011-12-08

Oracle Offers No Comment on Alleged MySQL.com Hack

Two major attacks that plagued MySQL.com earlier this year have some wondering about the website’s security.  Such mystery will have to continue for now, however, as Oracle told site IT Pro that it had no official comment on the attacks.  This comes despite the fact that one hacker claims Oracle has failed to properly fix the website after both attacks occurred. 

The first attack in 2011 against MySQL.com came in March, when it was hit with a SQL injection.  Hackers proceeded to use Pastebin, a popular web application where users can upload text for public viewing, to post email addresses, usernames, and password hashes from the compromised site.  Some of the data had apparently been decrypted, which only made matters worse.  One particularly juicy bit of posted data contained the login credentials for Robin Schumacher, MySQL’s director of product management.  The second attack against MySQL.com occurred in September after Amorize, a security firm, detected obfuscated JavaScript existing on the website. 

A hacker who refers to himself as D35M0ND142 was the alleged source of the information posted on Pastebin.  He claimed that it was pulled from a MySQL.com database, and also accused the MySQL.com team of failing to properly secure the site after being attacked twice this year.  While false alarms are not completely uncommon with such attacks, Luis Corrons, technical director for security firm PandaLabs, noted that there is a legitimate possibility that the posted data from the MySQL.com hack is real. 

Corrons commented further on real issue with the MySQL.com attacks in a statement to IT Pro, saying: “This is one of the biggest problems we are facing nowadays: there are a number of online services we use, we have to register to get access to them and most of the users have the bad habit to reuse the password everywhere.  What is worse, in most of these services you have to give an email address, so if someone gets access to the database where all this information is stored you could have your email account hacked.  The main problem is that unlike Microsoft or Google, many companies are not doing a good job in protecting those services.”

For more on this topic, visit http://www.itpro.co.uk/637738/oracle-quiet-on-mysql-com-hack-claims

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