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Practical Date/Time examples with PHP and MySQL

In this article Mauricio shows us some examples of how to use the date/time features with MySQL and PHP including the UNIX timestamp and the PHP date_diff() function.

  1. Practical Date/Time examples with PHP and MySQL
  2. The UNIX timestamp
  3. How old are you? (exactly)
  4. Date Addition and Subtraction
  5. Conclusion
By: Mauricio Cuenca
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April 22, 2004

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Some time ago working with dates and times was a pain for me. In several of my projects I had to calculate a person's age based on their birth date. I created a members area that allowed the administrators to set the maximum amount of time users can have a password before they must change it and remind each one how many days left before the change. I also had to create time-bomb accounts that worked for several days after its creation and then became useless.

Digging into the PHP and MySQL documentation I found and then worked with several functions that made my life easier. Now I want to share some code tips that allow better manipulation of the time and date in your projects and everyday needs.

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