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Oracle Unveils MySQL Conversion Tools

If you use Microsoft's MS SQL Server, Oracle wants to lure you over to the MySQL side. Just ahead of releasing its MySQL 5.6 database, the software company started offering a number of downloadable migration tools to make it easier to convert from one to the other.

By: Terri Wells
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August 03, 2012

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The migration tools, announced July 25, are designed to let users easily migrate data from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle's MySQL. According to Oracle, choosing to use MySQL  instead of MS SQL Server 2012 can reduce a company's database total cost of ownership by up to 90 percent. The MySQL installer looks pretty comprehensive; it includes the software, all support connectors, Workbench and sample models, sample databases, and documentation.

Assuming everything else is self-explanatory, what is Workbench? It's software that “allows the visual design, development and administration of MySQL databases, and now provides a complete solution for migrating Microsoft SQL Server database tables and data to MySQL with less time and effort,” Oracle explains. MS SQL Server databases thus converted can be made to run on Windows, Linux and other platforms.

Oracle also began offering a new “MySQL for Excel” application plug-in. Users of this plug-in can access and manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel, even if they do not have technical knowledge of MySQL. Oracle says that it created the plug-in to address the growing demand from business analysts using MySQL for data marts and analytic applications. It allows users to not only access and manipulate MySQL data, but import and export it as well.

Meanwhile, security-conscious administrators will be glad to hear that the company made an enhanced version of the MySQL Installer for Windows available. It helps users set up advanced security and logging features. Administrators can also benefit from the new MySQL Notifier application for Windows, which lets users easily monitor and manage MySQL instances.

Just how quick and easy is the conversion from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL? Oracle claims that users “in most cases” can go from download to development in three minutes or less, thanks to point-and-click configuration.

If you'd like more information about MySQL and the new conversion tools, you may want to look into attending the upcoming MySQL Connect Conference. It will take place on September 29 and 30, 2012, in San Francisco. The new migration tools will be featured during the conference.

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