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Optimizing MySQL

After reading part one and two of our Database Normalization and MySQL series, we could use a little follow up.In this article, we'll discuss those facets of optimizing a MySQL server that relate directly to it's compilation, configuration and subsequent administration.

  1. Optimizing MySQL
  2. Compiling and Configuring MySQL
  3. Tuning The Server
  4. Table Types
  5. Even More Optimization...
  6. Conclusion
By: W.J. Gilmore
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January 29, 2001

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In my two most recent articles (article I, article II), I discussed the virtues of database normalization and how steps taken towards ensuring that your tables are fully Ďnormalizedí would ultimately result in a better organized, more easily maintained database. While database normalization certainly is a major step towards attaining the highest level of database efficiency, you may be interested to know that there is even more that can be done to attain the fastest database server possible.

The process Iím talking about is typically known as database optimization, and involves the analysis of several different facets of both your system hardware and your database system. In this article, Iíll discuss those facets that relate directly to the compilation, configuration and subsequent administration of the database server. More specifically, Iíll discuss optimization as it relates to the MySQL database server (http://www.mysql.com), although many of the concepts discussed herein could be applied to any database server on the market today.

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