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Learn it from start to finish.Installing MyODBC, creating a new data source through the ODBC Data Source Administrator, linking a MySQL database into a new MS Access database, and finally updating the MySQL database through an MS Access GUI.

  1. MySQL and ODBC
  2. The Sample Project
  3. The MS Access GUI
  4. Importing and Linking the Data Source
  5. Updating The Database
  6. Conclusion
By: W.J. Gilmore
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February 12, 2001

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This tutorial was intended to instruct the reader on how a MySQL database can be easily connected to MS Access using the MyODBC drivers. A number of topics were covered, including:
  • How to install the MyODBC drivers
  • Creating a new ODBC Data Source through the ODBC DSA.
  • Linking the ODBC Data Source to an MS Access database
  • Updating the MySQL database through an MS Access GUI

  • Hopefully, the information provided has introduced you to a whole new methodology for providing your clients with an easy solution for maintaining MySQL data. If you create any particularly interesting applications using the information found in this tutorial, I would love to hear about it!

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