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Learn it from start to finish.Installing MyODBC, creating a new data source through the ODBC Data Source Administrator, linking a MySQL database into a new MS Access database, and finally updating the MySQL database through an MS Access GUI.

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  3. The MS Access GUI
  4. Importing and Linking the Data Source
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By: W.J. Gilmore
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February 12, 2001

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Figure 1-7 shows a simple GUI created using the MS Access Form Wizard. After creating this GUI, I used it to insert a sample record into the database.

Figure 1-7: Clients GUI

Create a GUI similar to the one shown above, and experiment with inserting information into it. Immediately upon doing so, connect to the MySQL database and execute a select * query on the clients table. The table will show that it has been updated with the information entered using the MS Access GUI! Figure 1-8 shows the clients table as seen from MS Access after entering one record. Following Figure 1-8 is a view of the MySQL clients table after executing a SELECT * query.

Figure 1-8: View of the clients table from MS Access

mysql> select * from clients; +----------+-----------------+-------+------------+----------------------------+ | clientId | name | state | telephone | email | +----------+-----------------+-------+------------+----------------------------+ | 1 | Widget Fanatics | OH | 4125555678 | widgets@widgetfanatics.com | +----------+-----------------+-------+------------+----------------------------+

To convince yourself that the synchronous updates occur regardless of whether the update takes place from MS Access or directly from MySQL, go ahead and delete the newly added row from within the MySQL monitor. Then return to MS Access and reopen the clients table. You will see that the data has disappeared!

For those readers new to MS Access, take some time to experiment with the various Wizards made available from within the program. Using these Wizards will better acquaint you with how Access works. However, to tweak the various components of the Access interface to your specific needs, you will need to learn how to modify the component properties manually. To learn more about doing so, I would suggest searching the Web and consider purchasing one of the many books available on the subject.

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