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MySQL Server Tuning Tips and Tricks

Fine-tuning the settings of servers in general requires a strong grasp of the inner workings of the servers and lots of patience. Did we mention patience? Yup, we did. Itís really important to understand that there are no tips that work for all kinds of setups. But thankfully we can talk about some widely known guidelines that can be followed to get the most out of your MySQL servers.

  1. MySQL Server Tuning Tips and Tricks
  2. Hardware Specs, Common Mistakes
  3. More MySQL Server Tuning
  4. Final Thoughts
By: Barzan "Tony" Antal
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November 25, 2008

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You are reading the fourth and final part of this MySQL performance optimization multi-part article series. Before we begin, don't forget to check out the earlier parts. Within the first article the most important benchmarking concepts and strategies were pointed out, while the second segment presented benchmarking applications and other useful tools to apply what we have learned and test our own performance. In the previous third article we talked about optimal schema design and query optimizations.

Since this is the last article, we'd actually like to finish the series by covering some of the most powerful server tuning tips and tricks that may affect the performance of your server by far. Consider everything that you're going to read about as hints, and don't take anything for granted. By now you should know how to benchmark your server, notice what works or not, apply tweaks, find slow query bottlenecks, and so forth.

Now that you can't wait to read about the promised server tuning tips, let's begin!

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