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Performance is something for which we all strive. This applies to the lives of DBAs too, since their first and foremost task is to achieve a high level of performance from their databases. SQL professionals canít stress enough that spending quality time to optimize both schema design and queries should be considered top priorities. In this article we are going to cover these two.

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By: Barzan "Tony" Antal
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November 18, 2008

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That's right; we've just arrived to the end of this part. During our short journey we have seen the importance of query optimizations and schema design. You see, the most critical distinction in the real world is that performance comes into play. And in order to achieve high performing servers, responsive queries, and efficient functioning, "just all right" is never enough.

The most useful advice regarding database design planning is that we should think as early as possible. We shouldn't sacrifice the best just for a currently working setup that gives us "acceptable" performance. We need to do our best to get the most out of what we have because later on down the road we (and the management) will be glad we did so. Lots of companies end up struggling, not knowing what to do when it's too late.

And then to alleviate the "sudden" panic, they hire DBA experts and professionals in their fields, which most of the time recommend a total revamp. Why? Because the mindset on which everything was based-the foundation-wasn't strong. At the beginning it was decent and satisfying, but as the company's needs have grown, well, imagine a building becoming larger, taller, and wider... and you get my drift!

The total revamp usually requires a clean design, and this may not be possible without losing resources (money, time, etc.). Altogether, the conclusion is that regardless of the situation, it is always much more profitable to think big and plan for the future right from the beginning. But don't exaggerate; be realistic, think over multiple times the requirements, and do your best. Never settle for less. All will be well.

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