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MySQL is the world’s most popular open source relational database management system (RDBMS). As a result, over ten million installations are spread around the globe. Nevertheless, in reality only a small percentage of those are actually high performance, optimized, and tuned servers. This four-part article series targets the MySQL database and system administrators, covering various strategies to help benchmark and optimize databases, and tune servers to yield an outstanding performance.

  1. MySQL Benchmarking Concepts and Strategies
  2. Basics of Benchmarking
  3. Benchmarking Concepts
  4. Taking a Break
By: Barzan "Tony" Antal
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November 04, 2008

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You've come to the end of this segment. Throughout this part we introduced the concepts of benchmarking, and now you are familiar with the most common strategies. We will present the tools to accomplish these tasks and to benchmark the trio of criteria we described in the upcoming article. You won't want to miss it!

The first two segments of this four-part series shouldn't be neglected, because you can only get the most out of the database optimization and server tuning tips that we will cover in the third and fourth segments if you really have experience in benchmarking. Each company has individual needs and totally different databases. There are no universal rules, optimal server settings, and tweaks that work on all kinds of setups.

Therefore, it is critical to be able to tailor everything that you are going to read and learn about from this article series to your very own database, server, and infrastructure. Benchmarking will help you to compare results. Always change one thing, re-bench, and see for yourself the numerical differences. And yes, arm yourself with patience.

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