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Constant Contact, a provider of marketing services to over 450,000 businesses worldwide, recently announced the selection of SkySQL as its go-to choice for MySQL-related support, software, and other services.

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By: wubayou
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January 26, 2012

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Apelon Announces MySQL Support for Open DTS

Apelon, an international provider of software and services in the realms of data standardization and interoperability, announced that it has officially added MySQL database support for its Open DTS (Distributed Terminology System) offering. 

Apelon focuses on improving the accessibility, comparability, and overall quality of data for a host of enterprises in the healthcare industry, as well as several government agencies and life sciences organizations.  With the addition of MySQL support to Open DTS, Apelon has displayed its commitment to appeasing its customers with an open source solution to efficiently manage and deploy data standards.

Apelon completed the DTS transition to open source in 2007.  Besides having MySQL in its support lineup, Open DTS also supports a wide variety of popular database platforms, including Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2.  Open DTS specializes in centralizing terminology knowledge for various national standards, such as LOINC, NDF-RT, and RxNorm.  Used by researchers, healthcare integrators, and more, Open DTS offers a laundry list of terminology services that includes aggregation to other network applications, lookup, normalization, and translation.  Since its move to open source, Open DTS has been downloaded by over 3,500 customers worldwide. 

As the healthcare industry’s demand for interoperability and data sharing grows, the availability of open source solutions such as MySQL and Open DTS is vital.  Healthcare organizations can lower their dependence on proprietary software while obtaining various advantages, such as lower costs and improved integration.  At the same time, organizations can leverage the power of the innovative minds of developers that make up the open source community.

Apelon president and CEO Stephen Coady discussed his company’s move to support MySQL in the official press release: “Apelon has helped many healthcare organizations render health data more comparable, leading to increased data sharing and broader access.  By supporting MySQL we enable the use of sophisticated terminology tools without requiring the user to significantly burden the database management system resources of an organization. This Open DTS upgrade is another example of our commitment to the open source model. Apelon is thrilled to be enabling interoperability initiatives, because care records, combined and comparable, will dramatically improve quality and lower cost.”

Apelon’s latest DTS release to include MySQL support can be downloaded by visiting http://apelon-dts.sourceforge.net/.

For more on this topic, visit http://www.marketwatch.com/story/apelon-announces-availability-of-a-completely-open-source-terminology-management-solution-2012-01-17

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