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A database can be great fun, right? Yes, of course!There are though, a couple things that can ruin allthat hard work and effort you put into your efficient little database. Today we discuss how to keep that beloved bin of data from going bad on you: databasenormalization.

  1. An Introduction to Database Normalization
  2. Preliminary Definitions
  3. So Why Normalize?
  4. The Three Normal Forms
  5. What's Next
By: W.J. Gilmore
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November 27, 2000

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Taking time to properly design your database is arguably the most important step in developing database-oriented applications. This article focused upon informing you of the basic premises of efficient db design, introducing database normalization, general definitions, and the first three Normal Forms.
Next article, Iíll focus upon applying these principles to a MySQL database, introducing you to the syntax necessary to make database normalization possible. Iíll also illustrate how SQL queries can then be used to mine the normalized tables for useful information. If you canít wait to learn more about how queries are used to retrieve data from normalized tables, I would suggest checking out the Devshed article MySQL Table Joins.

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