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Are you looking for some quality tools that can help you manage your MySQL databases efficiently? Here are five such tools that offer plenty of features to make your life as it relates to databases that much easier.

  1. 5 Great MySQL Tools
  2. Zmanda Recovery Manager and WinSQL
By: wubayou
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May 17, 2011

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Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL

If you are a database administrator looking for a solid MySQL tool that focuses on backup and recovery, Zmanda Recovery Manager could be your solution.  While the importance of the tasks that this tool performs is hard to ignore, its user-friendliness and flexibility is probably its best feature. 

No matter what types of backups you need, Zmanda puts a host of possibilities at your disposal to give you ultimate control.  You can create customized schedules for full or incremental database backups, or you can perform an immediate backup as needed.  Scheduled backups can be postponed as well.  To ensure that you get the backup that's the best fit, Zmanda will help you get a match that is optimized for both your MySQL configuration and your storage engine. 

Backup management is offered in various forms beyond basic scheduling.  There's email notification about backup status, and you also have to option of using a RSS feed to stay on top of things.  You can browse and monitor backups, compress them, and delete any that have expired to improve storage.  Zmanda Recovery Manager is offered in a Community or an Enterprise edition.

Link: http://www.zmanda.com/backup-mysql.html


WinSQL is a database management tool that works well for programmers and database administrators.  It doesn't matter if you are an advanced user or beginner either, as the user-friendliness that WinSQL provides makes it a valuable tool across all experience levels.

WinSQL is an attractive option because it can connect to all of your company's databases, no matter their scope.  Its features cover a wide range of tasks that you would usually find offered separately.  You get a solid all-in-one package that can be used to import and export data, backup and restore, reverse engineer, and much more.

WinSQL is offered as a 30-day trial, a Lite edition, or Developer/Professional editions.

Link: http://www.synametrics.com/SynametricsWebApp/WinSQL.jsp

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