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Take a tour of SMIL, the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, and find out how you can use it to quickly and rapidly build Web-based multimedia offerings incorporating multiple media types.

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By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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November 21, 2002

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SMIL 2.0 also allows you to create clickable hyperlinks using the and tags. Here's an example:

... <a href="http://www.some.host/smil/example.smil"> <img id="image" src="image.jpg" region="alpha"/> </a> ...
The <a> and </a> elements here are similiar to their HTML counterparts, and can be used to launch new SMIL presentations, either within the current window or in a new window. In the example above, clicking the hyperlink would replace the current SMIL presentation with the new one located at the specified URL.

As with regular HTML, it's also possible to specify a target for the hyperlink consider the following example, which launches the target of the link in a different region of the current window.

... <layout> <root-layout width="800" height="800" backgroundColor="white"> <region id="alpha" left="20" top="20" width="100" height="100" /> <region id="beta" left="150" top="150" width="200" height="200" /> </layout> ... <a href="http://www.some.host/smil/example.smil" target="beta"> <img id="image" src="image.jpg" region="alpha"/> </a> ...
Additionally, the <area /> element can be used to mark spots on a media clip as clickable hyperlinks, in much the same way as an HTML image map. Consider the following example, which demonstrates:

... <img src="logo.jpg" region="img"> <area href="alpha.smil" shape="rect" coords="10,20,40,60" /> <area href="beta.smil" shape="rect" coords="100,120,140,160" /> </img> ...
Note that the <area> element must appear as a child of the corresponding media type element.

It's also possible to control the period of time for which a link is active, by specifying appropriate "begin", "end" and "dur" parameters for each hyperlink. Consider the following example,

... <img src="logo.jpg" region="img"> <area href="alpha.smil" shape="rect" coords="10,20,40,60" end="11s" /> </img> ...
where the first link is active for 11 seconds only.

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