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Time to open the Champagne -- Java 1.5 is out, and the language has finally come of age! With the new Java 1.5 specification, Java now contains features that make it feel like a proper "grown-up" language. The rest of this article will introduce you to these new features. To try out the features for yourself, simply download Java 1.5 from Sun’s website and give it a whirl. Note that you’ll need to compile the code using the –source 1.5 option; otherwise, you’ll get compilation errors when using the new features.

  1. Java Comes of Age
  2. Type-Safe Enumerations
  3. Static Import and Generics
  4. Enhanced For Loop
  5. Auto-boxing, Auto-Unboxing, and VarArgs
  6. Meta-data
By: Simon White
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April 07, 2004

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It is common to iterate through Collections, yet the Java idiom for doing so has, until now, been a little cumbersome. We would have to declare an Iterator, explicitly check whether another object is available (as a loop condition), and then retrieve the object if there is one available. And there's that tricky cast to contend with too.

Java 1.5 has simplified the idiom, so that, for example, instead of writing:

private void printCards(Collection deck) {
        Iterator iter 
while (iter.hasNext()) {
            Card card 
= (Carditer.next();

you can now write:

private void printCards(Collection<Carddeck) {
for (Card card deck) {

This saves a bit of typing but, more importantly, is less error-prone. I certainly welcome the omission of the cast.

You can also use the enhanced for-loop for iterating through arrays. I omitted to mention in the earlier section on enumerations that the method values() can be applied to an enumeration to retrieve an array of all the possible values. So using the new for-loop construct you can create a deck of cards with:

List<Carddeck = new ArrayList<Card>();
for (
CardSuit suit CardSuit.values()) {
for (CardValue val CardValue.values()) {
        Card card 
= new Card(valsuit);

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