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Syntactic Comparison of Java and C/C++

Nowadays millions of computer programmers want to become multi-lingual; for that reason they try to acquire understanding of multiple programming languages. Experienced coders know that it is possible to get the hang of a new language in a fairly short amount of time. Being able to compare the syntax of different languages makes learning new ones easier.

  1. Syntactic Comparison of Java and C/C++
  2. Data Types
  3. Pointers
  4. Summing Up
By: Barzan "Tony" Antal
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November 21, 2007

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Throughout this two-part series weíll endeavor into comparing the syntax of two of the most popular programming languages while heavily pointing out the similarities and differences. Needless to say, I wonít claim that one is better than the other. The main focus should be on learning both up to an intermediate level from which we can grow later on.

In the upcoming sections of this article and the next you will also find a discussion of particular features that are present in one but not in the other. All in all, the target audience is everybody that is at least a little curious about picking up either JAVA or C/C++, and preferably has a bit of experience in one.

Therefore, skilled enthusiastic coders with vast experience in both languages arenít our focus at this time. This series of articles wasnít written for the pros; however, they might as well refresh their memory with the help of my comparison. Furthermore, if you are a novice in the field of computer programming just keep on reading, studying, and practicing; donít let the enormous amount of information overwhelm you.

Letís begin.

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