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Spring 3.1 Java Development Framework Compatibility Update

VMWare, an industry leader in cloud infrastructure and virtualization products for businesses, recently announced that the updated release of its Spring 3.1 open source Java development framework comes with enhanced compatibility to include support for the following major extensions: Spring Batch, Spring Data, Spring Integration, Spring Security, Spring Mobile, and Spring for Android.

  1. Spring 3.1 Java Development Framework Compatibility Update
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By: wubayou
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March 26, 2012

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Buy updating compatibility with its Spring 3.1 release, VMWare simplifies the enterprise application development process and allows developers to increase efficiency.  Developers can leverage the Spring Framework’s power to easily integrate databases, messaging systems, Web services, security models, and more into their applications and deploy them within any Java environment.  The framework also simplifies access to vital enterprise data stored not only in conventional databases, but also alternative solutions such as Apache Hadoop and NoSQL.  Throw in the inclusion of some new REST enhancements, and it becomes obvious how Spring can become a critical tool for enterprise application developers.

Adrian Colyer, VMWare’s CTO of cloud and application services, commented on the Spring 3.1 release: “Driving application development for today's enterprises with powerful simplifying technology, Spring is the premier choice for developers looking for an extensible, portable and open source framework.  The latest release of the Spring Framework and its major extensions continue the tradition of taking care of the infrastructure so developers can focus on building applications that address today's business requirements.”

Those uncertain about the value of the Spring Framework can look to recent research statistics pooled by Evans Data in its “Spring Usage Study” of September 2011 for extra assurance.  According to the report, expert Java developers have made the Spring Framework their number one choice.  Over two-thirds of Java developers currently use Spring or plan to use it within the next two years, and over half of Spring users said they expect to increase their use of the framework in the near future.  In terms of performance, 73 percent of Spring users said the framework enables them to deliver applications twice as fast, while 70 percent said they reported productivity improvements of at least 50 percent.  Lastly, the Evans Data report shows that heavy Spring users are more likely to have successfully deployed applications to the cloud.

The Spring portfolio of open source products is now available at www.springsource.org.

For more on this topic, visit http://www.marketwatch.com/story/vmware-announces-spring-31-release-compatibility-open-source-framework-more-popular-than-ever-2012-03-14?reflink=MW_news_stmp

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