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Initializing your objects is an important part of coding in Java, if you care at all about managing your memory. You will also find that properly initialized object creation leads to fewer problems with bugs. This article will explain what objects are in Java, why you should initialize them, and how to accomplish the task of safely creating Java objects.

  1. Java Object Initialization and Creation
  2. What is a Java Object and why would I initialize one?
  3. Java Object Creation Example using Coffee
  4. Initializing a Java Object Summary
By: Katie Gatto
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August 19, 2008

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For example, if you wanted to create a virtual coffee cup, and then fill it with virtual coffee, your code would look like this:

// In Source Packet in ex2/CoffeeCup.java

// Approach 1

class CoffeeCup {

private int innerCoffee = 355;

// no constructors defined in this version of CoffeeCup


Or an acceptable alternative version of the code to initialize your object could look like this:

// In Source Packet in ex5/CoffeeCup.java

// Approach 3

class CoffeeCup {

private int innerCoffee;

// Only two constructors defined in this

// version of CoffeeCup

public CoffeeCup() {


public CoffeeCup(int startingAmount) {

if (startingAmount < 0) {

String s = "Can't have negative coffee.";

throw new IllegalArgumentException(s);


innerCoffee = startingAmount;





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