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Well it's been a while since we discussed Java and I graced these pages with its complicated beauty (for an example of complicated beauty, take a peek at Hillary Swank, who is pretty in a well...complicated sort of way). In this new series of articles, we will be discussing Classes.

  1. Java Classes
  2. How to Declare a Class
  3. Using Public Methods to Obtain Private Fields
  4. Naming Conventions for Our Pal, the Method
  5. Creating Objects with Constructors
By: James Payne
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January 09, 2008

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Classes contain constructors, which are used to create objects based off of that class' blueprints. The declaration of a constructor is similar to that of a method, with the exception that they use the same name as the class and have no return type. Here is an example of the BruceLee constructor: 

public BruceLee(int doKick, int doPunch, int doRoundhouse) {

punch = doPunch;

kick = doKick;

roundhouse = doRoundhouse;


If we wanted to create a new BruceLee object and name it myPupil, we could use the new operator to do so:

BruceLee myPupil = new BruceLee(10, 5, 2);

Now a new object name myPupil has been created, and its punch, kick, and roundhouse have all been assigned the values 10, 5, and 2, respectively.

Well that's all the time we have for this article. In our next part, we will learn to pass information to a Method or constructor, and work more with Objects.

Till then...

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