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It may have taken a while, but it appears as if Java 7 will finally become available in the near future. Obstacles such as ownership changes and other delays stood in the way of Java 7's development, but Oracle unveiled the programming language's first release candidate last week. The official launch of Java 7 is expected to take place later this month. To give interested parties a taste of what's to come, Oracle discussed some of Java 7's features during a global event last Thursday.

  1. Java 7 Release Update and New Eclipse Toolkit
  2. CloudBees Eclipse Toolkit Plugin for Java
By: wubayou
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July 11, 2011

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CloudBees Releases New Eclipse Toolkit Plugin for Java Developers

Java cloud developers have a new tool at their disposal, as CloudBees, the company behind the DEV@cloud Java Platform-as-a-Service, has announced the release of its Eclipse toolkit plugin.  With the plugin, Java programmers can add additional power to their arsenal for the development, building, and deployment of cloud applications.

According to Harpreet Singh, CloudBees' senior director of product management, the main advantage offered by the CloudBees Eclipse plugin is the way in which it integrates the CloudBees Platform with Java developers' favorite integrated development environment, or IDE.  CloudBees offers developers a platform that encompasses an application's entire cloud development cycle and helps to enhance overall productivity.  “Today CloudBees is proud to announce the GA of our new Eclipse toolkit, which streamlines builds and deployments by providing Java developers with the fastest Eclipse-to-the-cloud path anywhere. Now you can manage your entire development-build-deployment life cycle in the cloud without ever leaving your Eclipse IDE,” Singh said in a CloudBees blog post.

Using the new toolkit, developers can access SCM repositories hosted on CloudBees, as well as create, delete, and manage Jenkins jobs in the cloud with the DEV@cloud service or on-premise with the Jenkins open-source integration server.  “The Eclipse toolkit connects DEV@cloud directly to Eclipse, so you can create and monitor Jenkins jobs running on CloudBees inside Eclipse,” Singh said. 

Applications can also be deployed with ease, either locally to the CloudBees environment or to the cloud using the CloudBees RUN@cloud service, eliminating the need to purchase, configure or maintain hardware.  With the CloudBees Eclipse plugin, the entire cloud development life cycle can be completed in minutes, thanks to its user-friendly wizard.  Singh noted the appeal of the CloudBees Eclipse plugin, stating, “CloudBees is pulling the benefits of the cloud right down to where developers want it.”  Bob Bickel, a CloudBees advisor and board member, added, "Essentially, Cloudbees is blurring the lines between what is the desktop and what is the cloud for developers.”

For more on this topic, visit http://www.eweek.com/c/a/IT-Infrastructure/CloudBees-Launches-Eclipse-Toolkit-for-Java-Cloud-Developers-199235/

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