Google App Cloud Adds Tools to Java and Python

On March 30th tech giant Google bolstered the toolset available to both Java and Python programmers alike with a new version of its popular Google App Engine.

The newest release – version 1.4.3 for those keeping track – purports to “bring Java and Python runtimes closer  to parity,” according to a Google representative. 

Java lovers can expect to see the Deferred and Remote APIs that Python programmers have been enjoying, which allow you to “handle data store operations” locally and “write ad hoc tasks more easily,” respectively. Google also introduced the Files API for writing data to and fro BlobStore.

Python programmers also have access to the new Files API, and additionally have been granted a great boon – a test library similar to the Java testing framework. Another addition was that of an experimental API that Python developers can use to create services like Google Alerts, which lets users receive email alerts regarding news categories in which they are interested.

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