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In life, you encounter events that force you to suspend other activities and respond to them immediately. In Java, events represent all activity that goes on between the user and the application. Java's Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) communicates these actions to the programs using events.

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By: Gayathri Gokul
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September 11, 2003

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A quick recap: Every time the user types a character or pushes a mouse button, an event occurs. Any object can be notified of the event. All it has to do is implement the appropriate interface and be registered as an event listener on the appropriate event source. Swing components can generate many kinds of events.

Each event is represented by an object that gives information about the event and identifies the event source. Event sources are typically components, but other kinds of objects can also be event sources. Each event source can have multiple listeners registered on it. Conversely, a single listener can register with multiple event sources.

In the next part of the tutorial we will see about Explicit Event-handling and adapters.

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