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In the final part of our introductory Flash tutorial, find outhow to add sound to your Flash movie, organize your movie into scenes,share symbols across different movie clips, and import GIFs and JPEGs intoyour animation sequence.

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By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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January 31, 2001

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In case the pre-defined Flash sound effects aren't quite enough, you can also use Flash's built-in editing controls to further customize the sound clip. These editing controls are available via the Edit command in the Sound panel.

This looks complex, but it's actually far simpler than it looks. For example, to change the points at which the sound clip starts and stops playing, you simply need to drag the Time In and Time Out controls (the vertical gray bars between the left and right channel waveforms) to the appropriate points. This comes in particularly handy if you have a long sound clip, and only need to use a specific portion of it in your animation clip.

You can also change the volume levels for each channel by dragging the "envelope handles" - the hollow boxes you see in each channel - up or down. The greater the height between the two boxes, the higher the volume level, and vice-versa. Flash allows you to create up to eight different pairs of envelope handles for each sound clip.

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