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Last time, you learned the basics of animation by creating aframe-by-frame motion clip. This time, find out how Flash's powerfultweening tools can help you create good-looking animation clips withminimal time and effort. Also covered: shape hints and motion guides.

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By: icarus, (c) Melonfire
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December 27, 2000

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Next up, shape tweening. Open up a new Flash movie and use the Pen tool to draw a random series of curves - you should end up with a mess of lines and curves, which might look something like this.

Now click on frame #30, and insert a new keyframe. Delete the shape you just created, and create a new one, again using the Pen tool. Your new shape might look something like this:

Now that you have two separate shapes, you can procced to tween them together. Click the first keyframe, and sellect "Shape" as the tweening type in the Frame pop-up. Flash will fill the intermediate frames with a light green tint, and a solid arrow - this indicates a shape tween.

When you play the animation clip back, your first shape will slowly morph into the second shape - like this:

Yes, it serves no artistic value - but it looks cool, nevertheless. And you can also alter the colour of the shape as the transition takes place - simply stroke/fill one or both shapes with a different colour and line style.

Note, however, that shape tweening will not work on text blocks and symbols.

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